hide paste " Derma-Grip "

Submitted by Jeff on 3/15/01. ( )

I know you guys like Epo-Grip , but I receantly tryed Derma -Grip
and realy liked it . Just wondered if there's any drawbacks to this
hide past , I have not seen any references to this paste before on
here.Thank you .

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It mold in the can if not used.

This response submitted by John C on 3/15/01. ( )

Its great for small game with thin hides, cats, fox and coon. But dont try it on a deerhead, just not enough holding power.

Plus if you are not using it daily it will get fuzzy mold growing very well.

No Problems so far

This response submitted by RogerTx on 3/15/01. ( lawsons@moment.net )

Fixing to open my fifth 5 gal. bucket. So far I have not had a bit of trouble. Bobcats to Rhino, and no problems. Maybe we go through it to fast in this shop, for it to mold, but haven't seen mold yet. We really like it, and I know of several large shops here in Texas that use it and like it. Good luck and keep us posted. RogerTx.

No mold here

This response submitted by Joey on 3/22/01. ( jcrott@webtv.net )

I don't use Derma Grip too often, but the other day I opened the plastic container and didn't see a bit of mold. And the last time I used it was over a year ago. But that's just my experience. It has a fair amount of holding power, not the most but not the least.

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