Restoring old chaulky,cracked deer antler sheds

Submitted by Rick Rogers on 3/6/01. ( )

I have found several considerable sized shed deer antlers while out grouse hunting.I was wondering if there is a way to make them look like when they fell off of the deer as most of the antlers I have found are chaulky and cracking. I would like to make some wall sconces out of the or some other craft for my log home. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

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Can help

This response submitted by Randy on 3/7/01. ( )

First fix all the broken or chewed off tines with two part epoxy putty. While your at it fill in any large cracks with the same epoxy. After the epoxy gets hard sand, shape as necessary. Next paint the entire antler with "bone white" latex house paint, any typical bone white color will do. Paint it on thin and try to keep the brush marks to a minimum. Let dry and repaint again. It will usually take two or three coats to get a nice white color and most of the cracks are filled. Let dry for at least a week. When dry take a cotton rag and get it very wet, then ring it out. Apply "hydromist" paint to the rag while the rag is fairley wet. Wipe the wet rag and paint on to the antler. The wetness of the rag allows you to put a light coat of paint on the antler. If the paint is to dark you have a few minutes to wipe it off with another wet rag and start again. Let the first coat of colored paint dry for 30 minutes or so and apply another color. For deer I use a combination of browns and grey, for elk I use browns and maybe some burnt umbers or orange. You must use at least two or three different colors to get the right look. With a little pratice you can really shade the antlers and get a great looking color. On elk the ivory tips are easy to reproduce by not applying much paint at all to the tips. The latex house paint sound weird but it really works and I can get a better looking antler than I have seen anyone else reproduce. It sounds like it takes alot of time but after you have done a few it goes really quick and really works.


This response submitted by cole on 3/7/01. ( )

Latex? How does that work. I'd think it would peel pretty easy.

It works

This response submitted by Randy on 3/8/01. ( )

Latex house paint, Sounds weird, but it works great and it does not peel. Latex paint does not peel off your house does it? At least not until the weather degrades it after years.

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