cape fleshing

Submitted by ken on 3/6/01. ( )

What can you use to flesh deer capes without buying expensive equipment?

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This response submitted by Marc R on 3/6/01. ( )

I think you have fleshing and shaving confused as they are not one in the same. For fleshing all you need is a very sharp knife or razor blades,both of these work well in competant hands. As for shaving you'll need the more expensive rotary blades (well worth the investment if you plan on doing many deer, especially if you do your own tanning)although some people claim that a wire wheel works well also. I can't verify that, since I've never used a wire wheel for anything other than birds. Hope this has helped you somehow. Marc R


This response submitted by robin on 3/6/01. ( flatwoodsman11 )

you can use a sharp knife i prefer a five inch straight blade boning knife or you can get a fleshing knife you can get pretty cheap at trapper supplie compannyhouses fleashing beams are not veary expensive i do mine both ways i trap to so its easy for me good luck need help let me know


This response submitted by Chris on 3/6/01. ( )

Dont be confused. You can mount a fleshed deer hide with DP. Shaving usually comes with pickeling and swilling the hide to shave it thin for tanning. You will get a much nicer mount and less shrinkage if you flesh, salt, pickle, shave and tan but it is not necessary. I started out and still am one of the poor folk that still use some of the homeade tools that I started with. Good Luck and read the past posts in the search and you will learn more than enough to get by.


This response submitted by rick on 3/10/01. ( )

repeat, nothing! If you're going to mount deerheads you have 2 choices: you can buy the machine or you can send them out for tanning. Even then, you may want to thn them some more. rwl

You are crazy!

This response submitted by Chris on 3/10/01. ( )

You do not need to buy a machine or send it out for tanning. All you need to do is get all of the read meat off and out of all obvious palces, nose, eyes, lips and ear butts, prep mount/glue and mount. Some people do not have the funds to buy a machine and/or send it out for tanning.


This response submitted by Chris on 3/10/01. ( )

Dont forget your DP.

Mini Flesher

This response submitted by Steve on 3/11/01. ( )

I didnt have the $$$$ for an expensive fleshing machine when I started so I bought a Flesh All Mini Flesher. It takes me about 30 minutes now to flesh a deer cape( after salting and pickling) I think you can get one for about $250. McKenzie and WASCO sell them. They work great!

sorry Chris

This response submitted by rick on 3/18/01. ( )

Sorry Chris, but you simply MUST tan and shave the cape. THere are lots of tanning methods including DP (tanned is tanned) but there is only 1 form of shaving. An unshaved hide will present no end of problems. If you've never mounted a properly shved hide, do yourself a favor and invest in one such a cape. Awhole new world will open up for you. Then increase the price of your deerheads so you can either afford the machine or the tanning. Good luck, rwl

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