Last Season's Antlers HELP!

Submitted by Lance on 3/15/01. ( )

Hello Guy's N Gals,
First I would like to say thanks to all who have helped me become a better taxidermist! My question involves a problem that I'm sure someone has had in the past. A hunter brought a real nice set of antlers to me and wanted them mounted. I asked why he did not have it done when the deer was killed and I was told that at the time he did not have the cash , So here is the problem. The antlers that were to be used in the mount still have the hide on the skull cap. Very dry and very hard. How do I remove this or is there a solution I can soak in to help in the cleaning? Again You people are great!
Thanks, Lance!

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This response submitted by Todd on 3/15/01. ( )

Just put the skull cap in plan water,that should do it.

Hot Water

This response submitted by Jim on 3/15/01. ( )

I recently removed the hide from 5 sets of antlers that were 3 to 5 years old. Very hard and dry. I put them in a pot on the stove and brought the water temperature to just under a boil. In about an hour I removed them and the hide pealed off easily with a knife and screwdriver. Boiling would probably have spead up the process but I was afraid with the age of the skull plates they might separate. Hope this helps.


This response submitted by Dennis on 3/17/01. ( )

Hi,Hot water will work fine but try using a little sal-soda with it,it works very well.


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