Jaw Juice for earlinersLou

Submitted by Lou P on 3/7/01. ( peterson@keynet.net )

This question is mostly for Bill Yox. I used Jaw Juice for my earliner adhesive.
Now my mounted ears have turned completely soft and all distorted.
I used Brad Eply Liners, The Jaw Juice held great but it all but
ruined my mount for the World Show. Any advice other than start over
or take the hit for lumpy distorted ears. It seems like the Jaw Juice turned the liners
into rubber. Help. Thanks Lou.

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This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/8/01. ( )

Silicones are funny that way. I have about three or four adhesive choices ahead of that method, but thats obviously water under the bridge now. If the shape and edge of the ears are accurate, take your lumps with the lumps. Ive gone as far as to replace whole ears on some mounts, but you have to do it convincingly.

I Was Nice, I waited.

This response submitted by George on 3/8/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

I find it hard to believe you entertained using Jaw Juice for earliner adhesive in the first place. At $5 a tube, you certainly could have picked a better choice on both price and effectiveness.

Jaw juice is a destructive adhesive. In laymens language, it dissolves both surfaces to "weld" them together. Jaw Juice comes with sufficient warnings and is labeled as containing "PERCHLOROETHYLENE". Perk DISSOLVES PLASTIC. What you experienced is what it was supposed to do.

Jaw Juice not for epply's

This response submitted by Dave H. on 3/9/01. ( the-hammonds@msn.com )

I ahve used jaw juice very effectively in the past on fabric based liners. I would not use them on epply liners or any plastic/foam type liners. You might want to look at the possibility of trying a mineral spirit or acetone to remove the jaw juice from the ear, and try again. I think you may have some luck that way.....but then again?
Sorry for you troubles.


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