help with stitching.

Submitted by lonewolf on 3/7/01. ( )

can someone help me with a problem
i have problems with the stitching
i use dry perserve to mount my heads and as it dries, it pulls apart
to expose a gap any help whould be app.

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You said IT

This response submitted by Rob on 3/7/01. ( )

You said it DP, great for shrinkage try tanning the critters or you need to shave the skin more than what you are now. with a thinned skin and a good tan and a tight stich you wont have much shrinkage.
Hope this helps.


i never have that happen and I use DP

This response submitted by Matt on 3/7/01. ( )

I use DP and I have never had that happen...You must flesh and thin the hide super thin... Be sure and take SMALL stitches and go slow!

Even a tanned skin will shrink up...I dont care what the "holier than thou" users of tanning say..A dp hide....properly done will look and last as good and have less shrink than a tanned skin!

There are ways around tanning.

This response submitted by John C on 3/7/01. ( )

While tanning is the prefered method. You can stil use DP, heres how.

Flesh it thinner, remember its a powder it must be thin to dry fast. Use a good glue, EPO-GRIP hide paste will work fine, I tried it on a raw but fleshed skin and even dried it at fairly high heat, no shrinkage it the seam. You must get the EPOXY glue up and around the stitches, the form must be wiped with laq. thinner and ruffed up, either with a stout ruffer or the cupped brush, I think WASCO sells both. You whole form will have to be covered with glue, with the epoxy you can unpin it the next day. Good Luck John


This response submitted by John W. on 3/7/01. ( )

lonewolf, try putting clay underneath where youre stitches will be, take smaller stitches, after youre done sewing, press youre seam into the clay, then take galvanized brad nails and go along each side of youre seam, the brads should help take a lot of the pressure off youre seam, something else which might help you if youre going to continue using DP, try ordering youre forms 1, maybe 2, at the most, inchs smaller in the neck measurements, good luck to ya .

Duck Tape

This response submitted by Dwight Moseley on 3/10/01. ( )

I use the methods the other authors use. But, Top off by putting a strip of Duck tape across the whole stitch from top to bottom and leave it there till it dries and pull it off from the top to the bottom. Even when the skin shrinks a little the hair stays down hiding any flaws

more butchers

This response submitted by ! on 3/10/01. ( )

dry presevatives,galvanizeed brads, duct tape? Are you guys kidding? Do you still wrap your own forms and use lead earliners, too? You MUST tan the cape and you MUST shave the cape! The only thing that holds a seam together is proper tanning, shaving, hide past and small needles. That's it! And learn to do a seamless piece and quit the sewing. I guarantee that if your seam is pulling, so are your eyes, lips, ears, brisket etc..... nad no amount of nails or tape is going to stop it. LEARN TO DO IT RIGHT.

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