Freeze drying questions

Submitted by Dane on 3/16/01. ( )

I have had some mule deer antlers in a freeze dryer since september. The majority of the antlers are hard except for the last 1 1/2 inches on the tips of two of the tines. They have been "soft" since december and are still not hardening. Is there any type of preserve I can inject into them to make them "ok". I think there is something wrong with the freeze dryer and we need to empty it to get it repaired. They will not fit in any of my freezers so I need to do something. Please help!

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Did you perforate the skin?

This response submitted by perry on 3/16/01. ( )

I usually take a 3 corner needle and poke the heck out of the skin to
allow moisture to escape. you can also place some suringe needles in
tips and place it back into the dryer this will allow the moisture
to escape.

what do i do

This response submitted by dane on 3/16/01. ( )

What do I do though now. I need to get the dryer fixed and don't have room in a freezer. Is there anything I can do to preserve them the rest of the way without freeze drying them?

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