Cleaning Liqua Tan

Submitted by Jim Bianchi on 3/16/01. ( )

I know I read the answer somewhere but could'nt remember it.

Is there a common way clean the Liqua Tan residue off the hair side of a WT cape? It seems to seep thru and it's tough for me to remove.

I've tried sponging with soap and water after putting it on the form but it doesn't do much.

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This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 3/16/01. ( )

I just rinse the cape in a bucket of plain cool water and that seems to do the trick. Then i tumble it in some towels. Don't SOAK it just a quick dunking.

Wash it

This response submitted by Dennie on 3/16/01. ( )

Hi Jim.The way i do it is to wash the cape after it has sat over night.The next day i wash it in luke warm water with kemal4.Then towel dry.Hope this helps you.


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