Mod Podge

Submitted by Shannon on 3/8/01. ( )

Can someone tell me more specifics about Mod Podge? I've seen the term before on the forum and wondered what it is used for? Thx.

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This response submitted by John W. on 3/8/01. ( )

Shannon,Mod Podge is used to build up the detail on the nose. You first apply a light coat over the nose - allow it to dry for a couple of minutes- then take a small sable brush and start applying it to each "bump" you want to stand out. Let it dry and if you think it doesnt stand out enough,apply more on the "bumps" you have already applied it to before.


This response submitted by mike on 3/8/01. ( )

after you apply the stuff doyou need to paint it? do you start with
large demples and get smaller?

Me too

This response submitted by Jim Bianchi on 3/9/01. ( )

I hope someone answers Mike's question. Mike- I'm pretty sure Mod Podge dries clear so you would want to paint it at some point. I just don't know the order in which you do it (ie: thin layer over raw nose first, bumps, THEMN paint?, then last layer of mod podge for final protective coat?).

I'm not sure if thats right or not. Maybe mod podge is not a sufficient final protective coat? Is John C still out there?

paint first

This response submitted by ray j on 3/9/01. ( )

paint the nose first then apply the mod podge after it dries apply gloss topcoat it will turn the mod podge white but dont worry it dries clear hope this helps the gloss makes the nose look wet

Archives Are Cool

This response submitted by Leanna on 3/9/01. ( )

You know, I was going to add to this, but for the hell of it I typed in "mod podge" in the search engine and guess what? This one has been answered ALOT too.

Although the ARCHIVE search takes all of 15 seconds, there is one drawback. You need to be able to spell correctly exactly what it is you are looking for. Now, when I start seeing posts labled, "Can Anyone Tell Me How To Spell ""Focks Eers Arh Slipeeng"", so you can type it INTO the archive search engine, I know it will be a bad day to die.

Too, do any of you receive the Breakthrough magazine? Bill Yox has a very good article in issue 59, page 17, on just this. He takes you step by step through the process with ALOT of pictures.

Mod Podge

This response submitted by Steve on 3/11/01. ( )

I use Mod Podge on my deer noses and it also comes in handy for use on my fish. It looks like Elmer's Glue. I get it at the local craft shop.

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