Problem with Ears

Submitted by Dennis on 3/17/01. ( )

I am having problems getting the ears set. I am trying the ears with
butts attached but am having problems getting them up in the ear to fit properly. Any suggestions?



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This response submitted by Jeff on 3/17/01. ( )

I use Bondo With Killer Clay as my Butts.


This response submitted by George on 3/17/01. ( )

Earbutts often limit you in particular poses on particular animals. Either remove them, as I do, or buy liners without the butts. Use a good grade of potter's clay and rebuilt your butts to the posture you want.

nice ear

This response submitted by rick on 3/18/01. ( )

Avoid Bondo like the plague! I have never seen a nice ear w/ Bondo. EVER. Take the cartilage out of the ear, lay it on your liner, trim to EXACT size, coat w/ a paste, and slide in. Easy. If you know what positin you want, the attached butts are fine. but cut them off and sculpt your own for a differnet look. good Luck

I agree with Rick!

This response submitted by Jim Kelly on 3/18/01. ( )

Rick tells the truth, Bondo is junk. Do just what he says and you will get a great ear. Bondo is for rookies.


This response submitted by newfrontier/ jim on 3/19/01. ( )

I still don't get it, some like plastic some like bondo, let each be his own judge. Personally, I do on an average 100 to 135 whitetail shoulder mounts and up to 100 plus bear and 2 dozen moose per year, all I ever use is bondo, its what I prefer, , I'm not saying that theres anything wrong with the plastic liner method, ,but like anything else, practice with any kind of material, and what you feel comfortable with will give you the best results.


This response submitted by Skip on 3/19/01. ( )

I agree with Jim. I mount 150 to 200 whitetails per year all I too ever use is bondo. With A little practice it makes a much better looking ear. It is also much faster.


This response submitted by scott flanagan on 3/19/01. ( )

I like to remove the ear cartlage and use mckensies celastic ear liners coated with fiberglass bondo. The ear takes great shape and is is a strong as a car.

more bondo

This response submitted by Rick on 3/25/01. ( )

you bondo lovers doing 1000 heads/year are sniffing WAY to many fumes! I stand by my first note. I have NEVER seen a good bondo ear. Even I went through my bondo stage until I was shown the light.

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