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Submitted by All-Seasons Taxidermy ( Gary ) on 3/9/01. ( )

First of all thanks for reading this.I am a full time taxidermist
and just finished my schooling last Summer. I have been doing
deer ( Painting around the eyes) the way I was taught along with
the colors that the McKenzie finishing tape recommends. They
recommend the dark brown around the eyes after the white and flesh.
My problem is after visiting Cabelas yesterday I noticed how the paint blends in better than mine. It just looks more natural. I am still wiping the paint off the hair after painting although I am still not 100% happy with the way it blends in although it dont look bad. Do I need to tone down the dk brn with white or flesh or
do I just need to use a different color. What is the correct color that I need around the eyes? Thanks for your help. Sorry for writing so much

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Bill Yox Schedule

This response submitted by joe j on 3/9/01. ( )

Search (button on the left side of the screen)and there might be some conversations from about six months ago on an article Bill Yox did in Breakthrough. It is a very good paint schedule for deer. I know Bill has said recently that he doesn't read "please help" questions anymore so though I'd pitch in and try to answer some questions to ease teh load on the regulars.

Gary tone down would refer to appling a darker color.

This response submitted by John C on 3/9/01. ( )

I think you need to get a artist book from the library study some on this subject. Dont intend for this to sound mean. There are some really good books on colors and how they work.

Fish carver Bob Berry has a few really good books, that discus this also.

Use Yox's paint schedule!

This response submitted by Eric Kibler on 3/9/01. ( )

I have been using Bill's paint schedule from the Breakthrough article and it achieves a very very soft natural color scheme to the eyes and the nose, the use of white and flesh colors as a base works wonderful to blend in blotchy areas and give a good base to add the different shades of brown to match the color of the deer you are painting. Good job Bill for sharing this in your article!

Article in Breakthrough, paint schedule

This response submitted by Yvette on 3/10/01. ( )

The article in quesiton here is in the Spring 2000, issue #59 of Breakthrough Magazine


This response submitted by Gary on 3/13/01. ( )

Thanks everyone for the help! I do appreciate it.

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