Doe Buck?

Submitted by TL on 3/18/01. ( )

I received a doe this past hunting season. It had 10 inch spikes. The antlers were covered with hair, not velvet, the whole way to the tip. My question is this: Has anyone ever seen this and what would cause a doe to grow antlers?

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This response submitted by RickJ on 3/18/01. ( )

I received one this past season also. Have read several writings and have seen pics in outdoor mags. I'm not sure what causes it. My guess would be elevated levels of male type hormones or testosterone.
Heck, we humans have women with mustaches (you know the ones I'm referring too!, guess the deer do too!

Uh ,this is what I have read-help me out here Yox

This response submitted by CHUCK on 3/18/01. ( )

I believe I saw an article in Outdoor Life a few years ago that explained how these abnormalities may occur. Antlered does are usually a twin to a buck-some of the testosterone of the fetal buck crosses the placenta and gives to the fetal doe therefore imparting a good chance of antlers growing on the doe later in life.
The other abnormality of a buck that never produces antler or produces antlers that never advance past velvet are usually caused by a small accident to his manhood (fight,barbedwire,etc) and therefore his testosterone is not released to enable his antlers to mature to the brilliant racks we all look for in a trophy.
I guess the bottomline here is that testosterone = antlers

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