hair slippage after rehydrating

Submitted by Eric on 3/22/01. ( )

I had no hair slippage after I pickled,tanned, but after I rehydrated the
the hair just started falling out. I pickled for 72 hours, tanned in LutanF
for 24hours, and rehydrated in 5 gallons of water and 1 cup of salt overnight.
I had to stretch the cape alot( form was to big) could that be the reason. I'm
just a beginner, this was my 5th deer, but it is the first time this
has happened, just trying to make sure it doesn't happen again.
Thankyou, Eric

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This response submitted by John W. on 3/22/01. ( )

Eric, anytime you have to put a lot of effort into stretching youre cape youre more than likely going to loosen the hair,Ive done it myself. The best thing you can do if you know the form is too big is to either let the hide dry out or fold it up and freeze it til you can get a new form the proper size. Try to remember youre hide is never100% tight until the hide is dry ,the moisture in youre hide is necessary to help open up the fibers of the hide allowing you youre stretch so if you have to over sretch youre hide youre just asking for problems


This response submitted by Brent on 3/23/01. ( )

99.9% of hair slippage is due to the growth of bacteria. It is possible for bacteria to still grow in a tanned caped. It all depends on the care that was taken with the cape after is was killed. My advice would be to buy some Basacryl or any type of bacteriacide, and put the appropriate amount into each rehydrating solution. This is a good practice and will save you headaches in the future. It is not necessary to put bacteriacide in the pickling solution if the pH is below 2. Bacteria can not grow in a pH of 2 or less.


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