Plaque-only antler mounts

Submitted by Dave on 3/18/01. ( )

I am interested to see if taxidermists would be willing to subcontract the plaque mounting portion of their businesses if they could still make money, yet do very little labor for the profit. My dad and I do antler mounting on plaques and are trying to grow a business from this hobby. It is my guess that most taxidermists would rather deal with the larger, more expensive work of head mounting and only perform the plaque mounting as a courtesy to customers (making far less per hour than if they were doing the head mounts). We would like to set up a network of taxidermists to send us the horns, which we would complete and bill the taxidermist for, and then the taxidermist would turn around and markup the original charge to their satisfaction. Please let me know your thoughts on the subject. Thank you. Dave

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This response submitted by George on 3/18/01. ( )

You'd probably be better off to market a kit for the Nimrods to do it themselves. Most of us are saturated with real work and antler mounting is a royal pain. We are hard pressed to get $50 or $60 for it and after shipping and handling, it certainly wouldn't be worth my time to subcontract. I do them ONLY because it's a customer service. I usually take a day and do 10 or 12 of them at a time, but I could still make more money mounting real animals instead of horns. Just my opinion, however.

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