Blood stain on whitetail hide

Submitted by Christine on 3/10/01. ( )

WE are currently working on a lifesize whitetail, and in the center of the body (on the show side) is an area about the size of a platter that is completely blood stained. This is a commercially tanned hide, we have contacted the tannery but were unable to come up with anything. This whitetail happens to have a very light color to it almost blonde. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Are you sure its a blood stain?

This response submitted by David Marqua on 3/13/01. ( )

Here is just an idea. Are you sure that you are dealing with a blood stain. I have experienced the same problem. Work and work on an area that appears to be stained, usually on the shoulder area. However after not being able to clean the area I began to ask the same question. I found out that the area in question was actually drag burns on the hair. On a normal whitetail this looks as if its a blood stained area. I don't know if this is the case but look really close, then you can usually tell.

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