Skin peeling around eyes

Submitted by Kraig on 3/23/01. ( )

Hi everone,
I have just mounted my second deer and I noticed a small amount of skin peeling off around the eyes. Mainly in the area of the tear ducks. The hide was commercialy tanned and the hair is set (no slipage). I rehidrated the skin over night in a plastic bag (tempeture 30-50 degrees). I then froze the hide for 4 days until I could finish. Will this go away when the hide dries? What should I do to prevent this in the future?

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peeling eyes

This response submitted by John W. on 3/23/01. ( )

Kraig, this is epidermal slippage, one way you can try to prevent this is to salt dry youre skins prior to pickeling and tanning. This occurs more often than you may think,you never know how long the customer had the deer in his garage hanging or in the back of his pick-up showing it around town before he finally brought it to you, when you do youre finish work on the deer , the paint will cover this up.


This response submitted by Kraig on 3/23/01. ( )

Thanks for the info. I didn't think it was a major problem but I wasn't sure. I know the head was not skinned for several days but the temp. was well below freezing. I salted the cape after skinning but I may not have used enough salt. I took it to the tanner the next day and he salted it agian. Next time I will use more salt the first time.
Thanks agian.

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