Bondo ears

Submitted by Tim on 3/19/01. ( )

Okay I have a question. My next mount has a couple of holes in the ears from turning. I like the bondo method for ears it has worked realy well for me and the end results have been good. Now how do I close these holes up so that bondo does not ooz out when I'm shapeing them? Can I use Duct tape on them before I bondo or is there better tape or a better way? Thanx for all who respond.

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Depends on the location

This response submitted by Kenneth on 3/19/01. ( )

There are a varity of methods for fixing holes in ear to be done with bondo. If they are small and around the edges, I just don't worry about them. The bondo will ooze out a little and can't cleaned up with a rag, wire brush and some laquer thinner (make sure to clean it up before it sets hard). Larger holes around the edges, I use super glue gel to mend them, Zip kicker helps drying time. Holes in the main dorsal or ventral body of the ear, I use super glue again, but this time I use a small piece of silk span to make a fibrous bond closing up the hole. Holes are not a major problem. If you want a beautiful ear, try Epply's earliners and use a good two part expoxie. Good Luck.

Ear repair

This response submitted by RickJ on 3/20/01. ( )

I use earliners and epoxy. (which is thinner than Bondo) I just super glue and sew edge holes. On surface tears I apply super glue gel and then place a piece of fabric softener sheet over the tear, then put super glue over the "patch". Works great and no "leakage"! Good luck. ...RickJ

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