Need repair advice for an old mount

Submitted by sparky on 3/19/01. ( )

I have an old mount that my grandfather took back in "46". After being moved around all these years the nose has been broken off about an inch behind the nostril. What kind of repair and costs are we talking about to get it presentable again? It's a full head mont with a lot of character so I am curious of the different ways to save it. Thanks for any help, Sparky

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Old Mount

This response submitted by George on 3/20/01. ( )

By your query, I'm assuming you aren't a taxidermist. If you are, I apologize. A repair can be done and probably for less than $100, but a better solution is to "freshen the cape" by remounting with a new hide. Repairs on "broken" mounts tend to be the start of a migration of problems. The cape is undoubtedly brittle and probably tanned with the old harsh methods that have surpassed their lifespans.

Thanks for the repair advice

This response submitted by Sparky on 3/22/01. ( )

I'm really grateful to those who took the time to answer my post. No, I'm not a taxidermist, but I'm sure glad I found you guys. Iam amazed at the detail and how long some of these works of art will last. I made a temp. fix on my mount and in a few years I'll no doubt check to see if someone from this site can help me find a handsome northern cape to re-mount the rack on. I was a little discouraged after checking around a few NE Indiana shops to find out nobody would touch a repair. This web site shows that there are pros at work out there yet whether it be in their garages or high end shops. Thanks Again, Sparky P.S. Even tho this buck was taken in 1949 and Grandpa died in 1961, my Grandma is still alive and will be thrilled to see it up again after 25 years, cradling his Marlin 30-30.

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