Slicked down cape

Submitted by Kerry on 3/11/01. ( )

How does the cape on a good mount have the nice slicked down look? Mine always seem to look rough and I can't seem to get that nice slicked down look. Thanks- Kerry

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Starts with fleshing

This response submitted by John C on 3/11/01. ( )

Here is what we do, flesh thin, very thin, using a good hide paste such as EPO-GRIP, we do the eye and antler and ear butt area, mix another small batch to do the face, i.e. lips, nose , cheeks, and jaw line. Now with head upside down, roll the cape down to the ear butts, mix about 3oz each of A and B, apply the epoxy as needed, were needed, now roll the cape back up and pin. Turn the head right side up, work all air bubbles out, work as much skin on the form as you can, while doing this. Smooth it out work out the air bubbles, then staple, now work out the air bubbles, now take a upholstry pin and pop any remaining air bubbles. Then groom.


This response submitted by Kerry on 3/11/01. ( )

When using an open seamed cape should I first sew it up, roll it down to ear butts, put epoxy on, and then roll it back on? or put epoxy on, and then just sew it? Thanks

I sew them up first

This response submitted by John C on 3/11/01. ( )

Never heard it called open seamed, but its a start.

I sew everything up Elk, Moose and even deer.

To work it open with epoxy might be asking for trouble, and I think it would have a lot more air bubbles to work out.

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