sweating a deer cape

Submitted by Eric on 3/11/01. ( shinky@ameritech.net )

When I sweat a deer cape how long should I rehydrate it, also do I have
to put it in a refrigerator, or can I just put it out in my garage. I
live in Wisconsin, so it's cold out in the garage at this time of year.
How much do I need to let the cape drain before I put it in the plastic
bag, and how long do I rehydrate the cape.
Thankyou for all your help, this site is great. I'm just learning
taxidermy, and someday hope to open up my own business.
Thanks again, Eric

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Sweating it

This response submitted by Len on 3/12/01. ( Taxidermy@mediaone.net )

i always put the capes in the fridge for atleast 18-24 hours.I let the cape hang untill it doesnt drip anymore, then i put it in the fridge. I live in Michigan and i just dont trust the temps in the garage. i dont want it to freeze if im going to mount it the next day. I know some taxidermists that do not refridgerate them at all if they are mounting the next day. I hope this helps

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