Submitted by TIM M. on 3/25/01. ( )

Can anyone one share a few tricks on how to keep my airbrush from clogging. I have a AZTEC A470 and it constantly clogs inside the tip around the spring. I use HYDRO-MIST paints. Should I try lac. or am I doing something wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.THANKS!

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This response submitted by Brent on 3/25/01. ( )

I don't have a aztec..but try thinning your paints a little


This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 3/25/01. ( )

This is a common problem with all air brushes when using water base paints, so don't fret. You need to thin your paints down a bit and add some retarter to your paints.

I like to thin my paints down with somr rubbing alchol and some retarter. Also I have in hand a tooth brush dip in water. When I see paint sticking to the tip just a quick scrub with the brush and your ready to start.

I heard that the Aztec hates Water base paints

This response submitted by Bryan on 3/25/01. ( )

I heard this at the Ca show from a guy that was there with his company. is this a fact or a matter of opinion


This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 3/26/01. ( )

Let me ask you this was he selling another companies brush.

Aztec was made for water base. Just check out in the back issue of Breakthrough mag. and see what Larry wrote about them.


This response submitted by Bryan on 3/27/01. ( )

No he was not trying to sell or promote another brush

I have tried two differnt new Aztecs and both had the same

This response submitted by John C on 3/27/01. ( )

Problems seem to happen with the Aztec. We have tried everything to get these to do small spots and not spit, but the problems persist. We even used Laq. the Aztec worked better, but still not the details I feel are needed for fish painting.

Back to the Old Pashe'#3 when you can get a 1/32 of a inch spot, why change.

Really we have lost a lot of hours trying to get Aztecs to work, they just dont have the detail ability.

Try the new acrylic nozzles

This response submitted by Andrea on 3/27/01. ( )

Aztek is made by the tester corp. They have 2 new nozzles that are made especially for water based paints. I really like my aztek, but I was having the same problem.I called the tester corp. and told them and they sent me 4 free nozzles to try and they work great.Hope that is some help.

Uneeda Iwata

This response submitted by CD2red on 3/31/01. ( )

We used Axtec in the shop for a couple of years and found them to be somewhat difficult to keep really clean. A family member bought us an Iwata, and Man-O-Man what a difference a quality air brush makes. We now use it exclusively and have zero problems. Clean up is simply running a couple reservoirs of acetone through it. We have the Eclipse model.

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