formic acid and phenol

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Another taxidermist friend of mine aquired some of these at an action resently along with some other taxidermy equipment. I know what they are but I'm not sure of how to use them... any help would be appretiated. Also how nasty are they to work with? Thanks Beer

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Phenol was used in sore throat spray

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Is has some good things about it as it kills bacteria very well. It can be used in a very deluted mixture 100 to 1 it is on the carcenagenic list.

Formic acid is a great pickling acid, just use cauyion and ad it to your pickles by dribbling it down the sides of the barrel, maintian a pH of 2.0 or less in the hide pickles.

A mixed bag..............

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Formic is a very good pickling Acid. Once pickled, the skins are full and easy to shave - BUT - it also burns your skin on contact and you should warn him to keep a cover on his Formc Acid pickle. This will reduce fumes and evaporation. I dont know what concentration he has - 85% or 90%, so its difficult to give you a formula - but for the 85% I used 0.9 fl. ozs. to each 1 gallon of water and 1 Lb. of salt. The ph should read between 2.2-2.5.

Phenol however, is a bad actor - chemically. It's an effective Bacteriacide, but it has some nasty properties. It doesnt break down when its used or even later. If it gets into a groundewater system it can be toxic, and in streams - it kills fish, and keeps on killing them. Along with Formaldehyde, Phenol (or Carbolic Acid) is considered very environmentally unfriendly!

thanks all

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thanks alot guys

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