Big ears- Need advice

Submitted by Jim Bianchi on 3/26/01. ( )

I have a deer with rather large ears. I would like to use a butt-less ear liner but am worried about the fit.

The ears measure 7" (from tip to bottom of the "v") by 3+3/4" wide (when flattened out the width is over 4").

The Epply butt-less which I have measure about 6x 2+3/4. Is there a way to get that to work? Will the "Liquid Fast Set" (by Epo-Grip) fill that much void or is there another liner I'm not finding?

Any suggestions would help.

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big ears

This response submitted by mike d on 3/26/01. ( )

Research stocks a "large" WT ear liner in their 3d line of
earliners; the catalog does not have specs, but you
could call them. 800.826.0654


This response submitted by jesse on 3/27/01. ( hoover700@aol )

Don't use ear liners make your own ears. Mix up some bondo mixx the bondo with the fibers given for strenght then slide the mixture into the ear. With your fingers you can move the bondo to theouteredges of the ear. You can give the ear what ever shape you like. You may want to practice this before yo use it on this mount. This technique will not drum liek ear liners will. good luck.

forget bondo

This response submitted by rick on 3/29/01. ( )

You're goingto get a bad ear using a too small earliner or by using bondo. Either way it's still bad ear! Shop around. Mck sells a large Natra-Look ear and I've NEVER seen a wt deer w/ an ear that big. rwl

Me neither, until now..

This response submitted by Jim Bianchi on 3/29/01. ( )

I hadn't seen a ear that big either, until this one came along. It was an extra cape given to me by a friend. It was frozen and as I thawed it out, I couldn't beleive the size of the ears! I measured them 3 times, and then once the next day b/c I still didn't trust my measurement. The thing that threw me was he said it was mearly a 8-point buck with a 16" neck behind the ears. I guess it was just "Dumbo" in the ears.

Anyway, I found a butt-less liner by McKenzie which measured 6+5/8 x 3+1/2 wide. It's their Celestic series. So that should do.

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