Anyone out there replicate entire racks?

Submitted by Lance H on 3/26/01. ( )

Hey guys and gals. I've searched the archives and didn't find anything on this topic, nor was I able to find a vendor to farm the job out to in any of the mags.
I've got a pair of matched sheds of a KS whitetail buck, 7X7 with ten inch drop tines. The total score would probably gross somewhere in the 190-200 range. Anyway, I did the
mount of this deer when it was killed a year later and its rack was slightly smaller (scored 180ish) and the guy who has it wants to have another mount done with the sheds facing the opposite direction. But,... the guy who has the sheds won't sell them
and we're talking him into allowing us to have them replicated if I can find someone who does the job. I could do it but it would be new to me and I want a rack this size done perfectly right. Does anyone have the name, e-mail or number of a company or supplier who provides this service. E-mail me or post it here.
Thanks in advance.

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Try Bryan Umbanhower

This response submitted by Tom McNeal on 3/26/01. ( )

Try Bryan Umbanhowar, Rankin, IL. He is definitely one of the best! Took First Place Master Division at the 99 World Show with a Repro Whitetail Rack. For additional information check out his website at...


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/27/01. ( )

You could add myself, Terry Vining from Mich, and Heath from Buckeye to that list.

Just Curious

This response submitted by Jay on 3/27/01. ( )

How much money does a taxidermists charge when replicating an entire deer rack on the average? For an approx. 190 class buck. Thanks

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