Submitted by david on 3/26/01. ( )

I know you have been asked this question before but I need some help with a deer cape. I had started skinning it out and had made the "y" cut at the skull area and had to go out of town on an emergency. Well, when I returned, I got busy on some back orders and didn't get around to finishing the deer. It was in the freezer wrapped good but the area where the "y" cut is located is now hard like it is freezer burned. What can I do to restore it back to soft pliable skin or can I do this? Your help will be greatly appreciated as before. I have been here with other questions and always recieved great help. I really appreciate all of you.

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Rittel's Super Relaxer

This response submitted by John C on 3/27/01. ( )

This is strong stuff that really works great. Only a capesul in some water and spray it on or sponge it on.

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