Attaching sheds to skull plate

Submitted by Jim on 3/27/01. ( )

I have a friend whose son killed a nice 8 point in late December in Arkansas. Apparently the deer was close to sheding because the trauma of the kill caused both antlers to fall off. He wants to put the antlers back on the skull plate for an antler mount using a kit. He has tried drilling through the pedicles and into the antler bases then using a screw for attachment but it won't hold. Any ideas on what he could try? Thanks for the help.

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Shed Connectors

This response submitted by Bruce Norton on 3/27/01. ( )

Jim, They make a small metal bracket that is designed for connecting shed antlers together. They sell for about $30. Most of the major taxidermy suppliers carry them. They work well and will hold the antlers in place.

Bruce Norton

Concrete anchors

This response submitted by S Ostertag on 3/27/01. ( )

I have attached a set of large Elk antlers back to skull plate but drilling and inserting a large concrete anchor in ( I forget what it is called but it has a nut and washer and also a nail that drives up into it and expands the anchor) It held great , this would much cheaper than the plate that is made for sheds.
Good Luck-


This response submitted by Chris on 3/28/01. ( )

If he already has the holes in the bottom or each antler, put some
JB weld up in the holes an run your screw in to the wet weld. It will hold!

Van Dyke

This response submitted by Jim Bianchi on 3/28/01. ( )

I've only done one shed mount, but had good luck with Van Dyke's shed skull plate which they sell for much less money. It is a molded skull plate with the screws already coming out of the mold. You then simply drill the bottom of the antlers and fill the holes with a good epoxy. Then insert one antler at a time and hold for a few minutes while it hardens. I think it was George that gave some more specific directions for this process which I followed. It worked well for me.

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