Best way to clean old fur off skull

Submitted by Shane G. on 3/29/01. ( )

Every year I have a few people who bring in deer skulls that they find for me to mount. What is the best way to take off the old, rock solid leather from around the antlers?-* I've been using a hacksaw, chisel and hammer, and pliers in the past, but it takes forever. There must be an easier way. Thanks for the help.

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This response submitted by Brent on 3/29/01. ( )

I would try to rehydrate the skull for a few hours in water or a rehydrating solution. This should soften the skin...If it does not work try boiling the skull cap (only). Don't boil it for to long...If boiled for to long, it will make the bone brittle.

Hot Water

This response submitted by Jim on 3/29/01. ( )

I recently removed the hide from 5 sets of antlers that were 3 to 5 years old. Very hard and dry. I put them in a pot on the stove and brought the water temperature to just under a boil. In about an hour I removed them and the hide pealed off easily with a knife and screwdriver. Boiling would probably have spead up the process but I was afraid with the age of the skull plates they might separate. Hope this helps.

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