Detailed deer anatomy wanted

Submitted by Kevin on 3/29/01. ( )

I hope someone can save me some time. I am looking for any informative books, etc. that can tell me detailed information on whitetail and/or muledeer. I want pictures/details naming all of or as many of the muscles and glands,-- what they do and why. Anything concerning the eyes would be great too. I hope I worded this so as not to confuse anyone. I am a taxidermist that knows what everything is suppose to look like, but I want to know anatomical details to help in improving my mounts as much as possible.
If anyone knows where I can find this information without doing a tremendous amount of research, I'd really appreciate it.

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An Atlas of Animal Anatomy For Artists

This response submitted by Leanna on 3/30/01. ( )

By W.Ellengerger and H.Dittrich H.Baum. Not super detailed but shows musculature and skeletal structure but does not explain why on anything. I believe Breakthrough sells this book for $10.95. It'd start you out anyway.

For professional and amateur artists

This response submitted by Eddie Boutwell on 3/31/01. ( )

Kevin, I have a book called CYCLOPEDIA ANATOMICAE by Gyorgy Feher, published by Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, Inc. I purchased it on sale at Booksamillion. It has more than 1,500 Illustrations of the human and animal figure for the artist. The animals featured are; the horse, dog, cat, pig, ape, sheep, bear, deer, cow, camel, and lion. (As well as human) It contains artist's pencil drawings of the skeleton, muscles, glands, etc. (each is labeled) Maybe this will help narrow your search, and who knows, you might be asked to mount a pig riding a camel someday!

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