Tear Duct

Submitted by Hue on 3/30/01. ( )

What is the best way to do a tear duct the right way, without it opening? I've heard of a lot of different ways like; using epoxy, using clay, pins, etc. Any opinions from you pros out their will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Tear duct

This response submitted by Kevin on 3/30/01. ( )

All you have to do is when you are preparing the hide to be mounted, when going around the tear duct, just shave it paper thin. You will not have much shrinkage if their isn't anything to shrink. Hope this helps. Good Luck


This response submitted by TIM M. on 3/31/01. ( )

Hue Im no pro but try this,it works good for me.First prepare the form by dremmeling the tear duct about a half inch deep and about 5/8 of an inch long but about 3/32 wide. Now flesh your tear duct good. Make it thin.Try not to cut any holes in it. When you mount your deer make sure there is plenty of good glue(epoxy) in the hole in the form and on the outside around the edge of the duct opening.Once you have it mounted counter sink a T-PIN into the duct.Now push the duct closed by pressing it together.Not to tight.Works great.Hope this helps.Good luck.

Pretty Close.

This response submitted by John C on 3/31/01. ( )

I had the same trouble for years, I just did not flesh it thin enough. You should be able to see your finger thru thr skin.

A fleshing beam (mini) can be fashioned to fit the tear ducts. Shaped mine with a Surform shaper and long wood rasp then smoothed up with bondo and red hardner, final coatings were done with fiberglass resins, sanded and polished to a very near perfect finish) .

Use a Skife Knife and injector razor blades to thin them down, practice first on a piece of back skin, you may find that it becomes a very good method for fleshinf the face down. Using a squirt bottle, spray 50/50 denatured ach and water on the areas you are fleshing. This will firm up the hide and allow easy thinning. You can do the eyes nose and mouth in about 15 minute or faster with practice. On larger areas of the face do this in a cross hatch pattern.

Next use a great epoxy hide paste such as EPO-GRIP Hide Adhesive 1-800-888-2467. Also you may want to fill the dremaled out tear duct with Apoxy Sculpt, this will give additional modeling power, and also acts as a adhesive deep in the tears should you force all the Epo-Grip out of it.

Using a very small t-pin doing just what Tim says above.

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