cape size for mule deer

Submitted by scott on 3/30/01. ( )

What size cape would be correct for 5X5 mule deer antlers with 18 1/2
inch inside spread? I saw one advertised that is tanned and measures
6 1/2 by 17. The owner said it would stretch to 7 1/2 by 22 when wet.
Am I loosing it or is this really possible? It sounds like a stretch
(of the imagination) to me.

If anyone has a cape of the appropriate size for sale let me know.

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Thats would be a stretch

This response submitted by Five inches on 3/30/01. ( )

I dought that a 17 inch cape wills stretch to 22. Are you interested in my beach front property in Wyoming?

Beach Front?

This response submitted by Scott on 3/30/01. ( )

Only if you will throw in the swamp on the back 40!

dry capes strech a ave of 4" when wet

This response submitted by jim marsico on 4/2/01. ( )

Many dry deer capes will strech 4-5" when soaked up. Dry tanned elk capes for intance, will soak to double or more what the dry measure is. Just dont buy the cape unless the seller will soak it himself first and send it wet or guarantee your money back if its not what you want. A mule deer cape the size you want is 7-1/4x 19" behind the ear and thats the size form to order.Faces on dry capes do not let out as much as the rest of the cape will, so be carefull and take my advise on ordering.

Just did one

This response submitted by Dan R on 4/6/01. ( )

I just finished my own 4X5 muley. His measurements were 7 5/8 X 20. Those were the eye to nose-hide on and neck just behind the ears-hide off. He was taken during pre rut with the neck just starting to swell. Antlers were 24" outside.


This response submitted by dale w on 4/9/01. ( )

I do mostly mule deer, and the avrage size that would do you justice is 71/2x13x18 inside measure, 20 outside. I have 5 at the tanner now that size. New Method tanned and ready to go, $80 COD.

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