My deer ears seem to be in plastic

Submitted by M.Fleury on 4/6/02. ( )

I have had to put some Bondo putty on the inner ears of a deer (the deer is white (but not albino) and was killed on Anticosti Island in Quebec) because they dried on a bad way with a lot of wrinkles. When I paint them, they seem to be in plastic because the putty. I lost the texture of the skin. I'm trying to find a way to put a skin effect on them before to paint but I don't know what! Is there somebody to help me with that? Do you have an idea?
Thanks a lot
Marc, Quebec

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Try matte finish

This response submitted by happ on 4/6/02. ( taxidermy )

Get rid of the gloss shine. If that doesn't work, try to "scratch" the surface enough to get a "texture". Good luck. happ

Try this

This response submitted by Roger E on 4/6/02. ( )

credit where credit is due; a while back,I believe George Roof mentioned a method for ear repair that involves coating the damaged area (in this case, the exposed bondo) with epo-grip epoxy, and glueing cotton to the inner surface of the ear. After it dries, pull the cotton away. This leaves cotton fibers that closely resemble hairs, and this will help cover the texture of the bondo. If you had another inner skin from an extra set of ears, you could glue it onto the ear over the bondo. Either way, best of luck.

hair look

This response submitted by larry on 4/8/02. ( )

I use a simi stiff paint brush while the epoxy is wet. Poke the bristles staight into it to give it a little texture.

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