Hate Splitting and Fleshing Deer Capes?

Submitted by Jeremy Morgan on 08/01/2002. ( TanPrep@CarolinaFurDressing.com )

Price for preparing deer capes to be tanned $18
-Splitting lips, nostrils, eyes and ears
-Completely fleshed by professional shavers with close attention to detail
-Salted Twice
-Hung Dry

**can either be tanned at Carolina Fur Dressing or sent back to the customer*** Freezers are empty right now, get a quick turnaround time***

Email for shipping instructions, great prices on bears and other skins

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One More Thing

This response submitted by Jeremy Morgan D.B.A Tarheel Taxidermy Services on 08/02/2002. ( TanPrep@CarlinaFurDressing.com )

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