Messed up ear

Submitted by Amy Ritchie on 08/02/2002. ( )

I've got a tanned deer cape, and one of the ears is really messed up.. whoever turned the ears just didn't know how to do it! At the tip of the ear, it's blown out with two big holes. And on the inside of the ear, there are a whole bunch of cuts and holes, both big and small. I can only imagine what this would be like when I put earliner adhesive in there!

Is this fixable? It would seem a shame to throw out a nice cape just because of the ears, but this seems pretty bad to me...


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Messed up ear

This response submitted by Mike on 08/02/2002. ( )

Try sewing up the holes with 2lb. fishing line,then use super glue
on the stiches.Sew up the holes with a tight stich. Good Luck.

I'd never sew them

This response submitted by George on 08/02/2002. ( )

Amy, the archives have lots of tips on other options on such repairs. Sewing ears often tends to be like sewing cheeze and the more you sew the less integrity the skin retains.


This response submitted by Old Fart on 08/02/2002. ( )

Usually the edges are not too hard to sew, so I would try that first. The other holes can be repaired by using super glue and a scrap of dryer sheet. What size is the cape? Maybe someone has a scrap cape that you could get the ears off to repair yours. Because of the variety in capes you will need to give a good description of what you have.

What I do

This response submitted by Mike R on 08/02/2002. ( )

Hi Amy,
We get alot of "cut" ears in Pa. Unfortunately....thats where most hunters put the tag ( and they never seem to be able to find the first they do it again!). What I do is sew it using invisible thread and a very small, round needle (both available at most department stores). Make small stitches (1/16"- 1/8" apart) and keep them close to the edge. Lightly tug the seam together after each sticth. If your worried about adhesive getting a small bead of super glue over the seam and smooth it out with your finger. As for the ear edge cuts/ them the same way. But if you really want to do a good job, sew from the hair side. That way you can make sure NO hair gets caught in the stitches. Good Luck!

messed up ear

This response submitted by Rick,T on 08/03/2002. ( )

Amy I would have to agree with old fart, I have been told te same thing about fixing holes in thin areas like that, USE DRYER SHEETS AND SUPER GLUE, just make sure everything is where you want it before you glue it and add the dryer sheet.

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