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Question about shoulder mount prices, I have been told hat all the local Taxidermist in my area are raising their shoulder mount prices for this year. A shoulder mount here runs from 250.00 up to 375.00, I have been told that most are raising their prices up to 350.00 and 450.00, Are all Taxidermist doing this or just the ons local to me?

This will be my first year doing deer shoulder mounts WHAT SHOULD I CHARGE AS A BEGINNER? I DONT WANT TO CHARGE THESE KIND OF PRICES?

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Oh NO! Another bucket of whoopass

This response submitted by George on 08/03/2002. ( )

Rick, no matter what we tell you , you're still going to have to make up your own mind. We probably have 10,000 meg of hard drive used up on this subject in the archives. Just type in "Pricing" in that little white box on the opening page that asks "What do you want to know". That applies for most subjects as well.

Why would'nt you charge those prices?

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If those are the going rates in your area for good work why not charge those prices. You should charge according to quality of work you can do. Maybe at the bottom end of the stated price range, however if you can not do as good or better work than those in your area then I suggest that you get some more experince before you do a clients deer.


If you cant do quality work...

This response submitted by Paul on 08/03/2002. ( )

as a professional taxidermist and charge accordingly, dont take on customers until your ready. Would you call a electrican who just started screwing in light bulbs to wire your house? Sorry just my thoughts on the whole starting out matter...Paul


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Rick, Its pretty simple : would you like to do 10 at $450 or 15 at $375? Would you like to have Saturday and Sundays off or work 7 days aweek? Do you want steak and eggs or a piece of toast minus the jam? I am not trying to be a wise ass here, just trying to make a point. If you are worried about not getting enough work, don't!
Do a good job, always try to get better and deliver when promised. Really- thats it, no smoke and mirrors here. Remember that taxidermy is a "service performed" not a "product sold". Your selling your self here! Your time, your life....why would you sell "your self" for any thing less then absolutly the very most you could get? good day sir.


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What your quality and time is worth. You said that you don`t want to charge those kind of prices, when you do the numbers from your first season you will realize you have no choice! You are in a tough spot right now.

Price shoppers

This response submitted by LH on 08/04/2002. ( )

Rick, your first customers will be family and friends trying to help you get started by doing their buck for "cost". As impossible as it may seem, they're trying to "help you out". Later, as your skills develop, so should your price. Of course, those helpful friends and family members will balk at your new price because, in reality, they never would have paid any more than they did to begin with. As you progress through each skill level, be willing and ready to move beyond old customer sources and market yourself to the next level of guy that makes more money, is willing to pay more for his mount, and expects more in exchange for his money. The guys charging the higher rates are at a point in their skills where their work is worth every dime they charge. The guys I used to deal with don't even call me anymore because they know that I don't offer "deals" or discounts, that I never will be low-priced again, and that I have all the work I need from people whose names end in Ph.D, M.D., CEO, etc. And man is it nice when a customer brings me a deer head, pays the deposit and leaves without even asking the final price. Most (all) of the time I throw it at them anyway in the contract. But, I know that they didn't get successful being stupid. They knew my work and my price before they called me, which is even better yet because they'll pay the price and cost is not an issue. I'm not as good as a lot o these guys here - yet - but I plan on catching up soon.

Why wouldn't they go up.

This response submitted by John C on 08/05/2002. ( )

Look at the rise in cost of living! If they dont go up they will go out of business.

Since you are starting out. Its like you are in kndergarten verse college level.

Simply you are getting the quality you pay for.

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