Making of dog chews

Submitted by Karen Jones on 08/03/2002. ( )

Does anyone know where I can find information on making dog chews out of a deer hide. Most people I know that want mounts only want heads or antlers, it seams a shame to waste the rest. I saw something a year or so ago, but every time I tried to access the web page it was not there anymore.

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This response submitted by cur on 08/03/2002. ( wildart )

Well, I have never made any dog chews, but then I have creative dogs that constantly convert many inanimate objects to "chews". I should imagine that for health reasons, the "chews" would need be chemical and preservative free. To that end, I would suppose that a deer hide would be salted, dried and subjected to a de-hairing process, then stopped (bated) and rinsed. The "clean", de-haired hide could then be cut into lengths (small bits for teeny dogs, half hides for English Mastiffs, etc) and dried....I should imagine that a dog the size of my labs that are capable of reducing a cured pig's ear to a tail wag and a belch in five or six minutes would make a deer hide chew last, oh, say, two or three minutes.

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