Painted antlers

Submitted by Al on 08/09/2002. ( )

I have a very nice set of antlers that a customer brought to me to mount,the problem is that they were painted orange prior to his purchasing them.I have tried to use acetone to remove the paint,and it doesn't work.Should i try to bleach them ,and then recolor them?Any info would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

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lacquer thinner

This response submitted by rick on 08/09/2002. ( )

Acetone evaporates to fast . Use lacquer thinner.

Zip strip

This response submitted by Jim Grill on 08/09/2002. ( )

Al you can try zip strip or paint remover. It shouldn't harm the antlers


This response submitted by Glen Conley on 08/09/2002. ( )

if you are dealing with a brushed on oil based enamel in the federal
safety orange or implement paint group, you are going to have your work
cut out for you.

You would want a bond breaking paint remover versus a dissolving remover.
If you can get Bix Liquid in your area, go that route. Once you start,
you will need to work through until clean. Getting part way through and
allowing paint and remover to dry could complicate the issue. Keep the work
piece wet until finished.

Be darn sure to work in a well ventilated area and wear nitrile gloves.

Methlene Chloride

This response submitted by cur on 08/10/2002. ( )

The paint needs to be stripped by a commercial remover like those mentioned above or "Strip-eze" or other, "apply and soak" materials. Acetone is not a remover. MEK will break down darn near anything that is polycarbon based, while other compounds may be needed to attack other vehicles. Like Glen said, some industrial paints are designed to stay where ya put em, but most yield to the gels and other retentive applications.

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