Purchasing a live deer

Submitted by Rob on 08/05/2002. ( )

I have been thinking about purchasing a live fawn and have no idea of how to even go about buying one. If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks

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Try Buck Jones

This response submitted by Kenneth on 08/05/2002. ( bauman@caddoelectric.net )

Try Buck Jones in Oklahoma. He is a great taxidermists and raises Whitetails. He has about 5-10 fawns right now. E-mail him at www.bucks@pldi.net or call him at 580-439-2319. Tell him I referred you to him. He is a great guy, he can tell you all you need to know.


This response submitted by pp on 08/06/2002. ( )

$1000.00 for a perment in texas

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