Chronic Wasting Disease!

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"As Buckmasters goes to press with this report-a follow-up to last month's story-the U.S. Department of Agriculture is calling chronic wasting disease{CWD} an emergency.As we previously reported,the fatal brain diesease is spreading fast in both deer and elk herds. Sharpshooters and hunters in several states are killing thousands of deer in an attemt to stop it. Fourteen states have banned the importation of deer or elk into their borders."

"The wagons are circled!" september 2002 Buckmasters Magazine

This is some bad stuff we got here and I am thinking that some of these thousands of deer they are killing are animals bound for some of yalls shops. So that being said I was wondering how do yall think this will effect yalls income? How much of yalls business is whitetales? 60% or 70%? It would seem that if it were that high this could realy hurt some peoples quality of life. I wish the best for everyone , this realy needs to be stopped!

Sorry for being so glum, and using the "word" Yall so much,Thanks


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Hi Robert, I hate to say it but letters and notice's like yours is what causes most of the panic on CWD.There is a serious concern about CWD here in Wisconsin and plans are being started to stop CWD here. The area here where they plan on killing off 25,000 deer (eradication zone) already holds 50-70 deer per square mile. Only 24 deer have been tested positive so far for CWD in this area. Many of the deer are plenty healthy, but have to be harvested to try and control the spread of CWD until better methods are developed. All the deer in the eradication zone that are killed will be tested, and plans for testing of 500 deer in each county this year.Hunters will be able to take any venison home with them after being tested. They then can wait for the test results to make sure it does not have CWD.There is no known case worldwide of anybody contacting CWD from deer or elk, and millions of people eat wild game. You will also be able to hunt multible bucks in this area which also produces very large bucks.You can take your cape in and have it mounted. There are steps printed on how to handle your deer. Use latex gloves, soak your knives in 50/50 bleach water solution for 1 hour, debone all your meat before cutting through any head or bone, and some common sense in handling the deer. License sales for hunting deer at this time of the year is running at just about normal. This could actually be a excellant year to hunt deer in Wisconsin. It is up to us not to panic and spread possible rumors a horor stories. We have to let the DNR's do there job and get your information from them, not the newspapers. If you like to hunt deer, Wisconsin is the place to hunt this year because of the high quota's and good venison.

CWD website

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You are right on the money! The situation we all face is only made worse when someone panics because they heard someone say every deer in the west is infected. The good news is that there is a website that contains the latest postings from our wildlife agencies. Go to You'll find the facts about this disease, not what Joe Blow down at wal-mart said.


Wis has just add 13 more sq miles to our kill zone

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Sorry to repost this twice, but I usually only check the industry category and had posted it there in response to state to state bans. It certainly belongs here as well.

After the tests began coming back from our 1st of four summer hunts, Wis has now added 13 more miles to the kill zone. It now covers 374 square miles. The old number was 25,000 deer needed to be killed, the DNR has not changed that number - most likely PR move.

One only needs to seriously study TSE diseases, staying away from media sites, elk or hunting sites, organic farming sites, vegatarian sites, or any site with an agenda.

Visit the CDC, WHO, JAMA, Mayo Clinic, etc. Also check the related UK sites. Search for TSE on these sites or vCJD or CJD - not just CWD.

TSE diseases are now known in many species; to include cattle, sheep, venison, cats, ostriches, mink and humans (several zoo animals also). After a decade of telling the UK public that BSE (cattle version) posed no threat to humans, people began dieing from variantCJD (vCJD) now linked to BSE (mad cow disease). Through July 1, 2002 there have now been 124 victims of this always fatal disease over there. The death rate has slowed since the UK changed the feed habits to livestock (now longer render downer stock into feed). However the big concern over there is the incubation period in humans. In deer its is 16 to 30 months, humans they do not know. There is also concerns that is may skip a generation who has natural imunity, but be passed on to children who inherit half of someone elses DNA and now may become a victim.

Looking at venison most state agencies tell you WHO has found no link between CWD and humans. But reading their whole position, they also can not exclude it, so they tell you not to eat unhealthy looking venison, well that is great considering deer will not even what signs of the disease until 16 to 30 months after contracting it. Problem there is the vast majority of harvested wild deer are those young deer that had not yet learned to avoid hunters.

In the US CJD deaths have been on a steady increase since 1978. It strikes men and women nearly equally, but it heavily strikes white victims. We do not know what causes this prion disease in humans. We do know what caused vCJD in Europe. The food chain is involved. We feed scrapie infected rendered sheep to cattle, then rendered in more downer cattle then humans eat the cattle = humans get deadly TSE.

All the TSE diseases in zoo animals in Europe has been traced back to rendered feed, containing downer animals carrying their specific form of TSE disease.

The longest US study, 1979-1998 listed 4,751 CJD deaths in the US. About one death per million population. The average age of its victims is 67 years old. Only 10 people below age 30 died of CJD.

So all that "sleazeball" media attention to recent deaths in the US of people in their 20s, especially those in Michigan last year where two victims from adjacent Mich counties died at the same die in the same hospital, is one hell of a good blessing in diguise.

Now states are testing for CWD like never before (We are now up to at least 11 states or Canadian provinces that have tested positive for CWD), but more importantly research money is being made available to study the link (if it exists) between CWD and CJD.

In Wisconsin, besides killing at least 25,000 deer in our 374-sq-mile CWD eradiction zone, the state now plans to test 40,000 - 50,000 deer throughout Wis, to learn the scope of this TSE disease here.

We know so little right now, no one can tell us what the real threat of CWD to humans is. So eating venison, remains a personal choice. Based on the 1995-1998 period 1106 victims died of CJD in the US. so roughly 275 per year. More than 41,000 will die in car accidents, 1000 from firearms accidents, 4000 from drownings, etc. each year.

For those who say we can not compare the link between BSE (mad cow disease) and vCJD in Europe to CWD and CJD in the US. The two biggest differences between CJD and vCJD is the age of the victim and length of suffering. In the UK victims age at death average is 28 and their suffering is 16 months. CJD victims die in the US at 67 years of age after eight months of suffering. Well at least they did from 1979-1998.

So why haven't we done more before now - politics. Here in Wis the traditional nine-day hunt and the related processing brings 1.5 billion dollars annually into our economy. Multiple that number by every state with deer hunting. Now factor in concerns from the feed industry and livestock ranching and you may be able to see why things move so slow.

Hopefully we know the anwers soon, they learn more everyday. In UK it took nearly a decade to make the link. BSE was discovered in 1986, their first victim became ill in Jan of 1994.

We can not ignore the issue any longer. We also can not blame the media. They did not create the disease or spread it. They are trying to inform the public of its presence. How many years was CWD known to exist out west, before those agencies finally told the public?

Not until those 50,000 tests come back in 2003, will we know the boundaries of CWD in Wisconsin. Without knowing its full scope in our state right now, do you honestly believe the DNR plans to kill at least 25,000 deer in the 374-sq-mile CWD zone, just to save a herd that may or may not already be infected?

Hopefully such drastic steps are aimed to save our herd, rather to reduce the threat to us.


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can it be cought from handling infected deer or their brain tissue?


This response submitted by milton on 11/03/2002. ( )

does the feeding of widlife mostly with deer cause the biggest conern with CWD.


This response submitted by milton on 11/03/2002. ( )

does the feeding of widlife mostly with deer cause the biggest conern with CWD.

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