Mitch Howe & Wildlife Artistry

Submitted by HOSS on 08/14/2002. ( )

Usually we use this forum to warn other folks of dishonest people that sell us a lemon or doesn't deliver at all after receiving money for hides, capes etc.. I just wanted to post a positive experience. I bought a whitetail cape from Mitch Howe at Wildlife Artistry. I sent the check with a little aprehension after being burned before by another place. After a few days I called to see if the check had arrived and I was informed that the cape was already in shipment to me. I received it a few days later. It was in as good a shape as promised. Honest folks should be recognized publicly.

Mitch.....Here's to ya!

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I agree

This response submitted by Dan S. on 08/14/2002. ( )

I have bought a few capes from Mitch Howe with the same results. He's great to do business with.

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