mold found on five year old mount

Submitted by Carl on 08/14/2002. ( )

I did a buck shoulder mount for a fella about five years ago. He just let me know that some hair is falling out of the mount between the antlers or just behind and center of the antlers. I instructed him to check out the area with a flash light and magnifier for bugs, moving the hair aside and looking into the hair. He said he found MOLD. Or what appears to be mold. No bugs. My question is how can a mount get mold after being on a living room wall for 5 years? Unless the house is extremely damp which I doubt. He lives like the rest of us. He has quite a few mounts that I have done for him over the years and this is the only one with a problem. What do you think? All my hides are double salted, 3 day citric acid pickle at 1-1/2 to 2 PH, neutralized, rinsed, pretty well dried, shaved, liqua-tanned and mounted. Beats Me. Maybe I should go to his house and take a lookie see for myself. Any ideas out there? Thanx, Carl

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Even leather horse tack has molded this year

This response submitted by John C on 08/14/2002. ( )

He still could have bugs.

This has been a strange year, some of my bridles and halters have molded, even to the point of being covered in about three days. I was looking at some nice new halters in a tack shop and they too had green mold on them and they are WEAVER LEATHER a very good brand. Its just been a odd year for things like this.

inform him...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 08/15/2002. ( )

Those hairs cant just jump out, they need his massaging and combing to come out...a no-no. Those pores can open, yes, its very humid. But they can also close as well, holding an undisturbed hair. An anti-mold treatment might help, but dehumidifyer or air conditioner helps with a questionable environment for mounts. I would imagine his couch has a bit of the same trouble too, if its just the humidity. Maybe you got a bit too much adhesive pooled under the hide? Your willingness to visit him and remain helpful as it seems you are will help with him too! Good luck.

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