1/2 Rehydrated and then frozen?

Submitted by HOSS on 08/15/2002. ( )

Yesterday evening I started rehydrating a salt dried cape. After soaking it for some 3 hours the head and nose area were still hard. Needing to get some sleep and afraid to leave it soaking all night I removed it, tumbled it semi-dry, bagged it and put in in the freezer with the intention of thawing it back out and submerging the head in salt water solution until it rehydrates. Will freezing it in this state hurt it? After total rehydration will refreezing be ok? I have limited experience with salt dried hides so I hope this is not a dumb question. I checked the archives but didn"t see anything that addresses my exact question. Thank.

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This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 08/15/2002. ( )

Hoss, When I rehydrate I soak the cape in strong salt water solution. Depending on thickness it can take all day or over night. I don't worry as long as the cape was well salted and you soak up in salty water it can stay as long as it takes. Enjoy, Aaron H.

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