Doing home work on velvet antlers

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I have a set of vevlet antlers.Only a few days old,in freezer.Velvet intact,antlers hard.Can anyone give me a short course in preservation and mounting. I want to be sure the person I turn them over to knows what there doing,had a bad experience! Thanks...

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Print this one out!

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How to Preserve Velvet using Preservz-It

Have you ever used Formaldehyde in the past to preserve velvet? If you
have - this Preservz-It (PI-641) is used exactly the same way - same dosage -- same results. However - it doesn"t cause cancer like Formaldehyde. It's still an Aldehyde product though - so you must use some practical safety when using it. I'd use gloves and avoid a splash in the eyes. Both Formaldehyde and this Preservz-It fix protein.

There are 2 ways to use it to preserve velvet.

You can soak the antlers in a solution of it for 1-2 weeks then remove them
and hang them to dry. I like to hammer some nails in a paddle and let the
sharp ends stick out. Then I go over all the velvet and prick them before I soak them - this allows better penetration of the solution.

To mix the solution use: To every 1 Gallon of Water used, add 1 fl. oz. of PI-641 (Preservz-It) and 4 ozs. of 20 Mule Team Borax.

In the field - the best method is to prick the end of each tine to allow a
flow of fluid - and then using a hypodermic needle, fill it with the above
solution and inject it into the base of each antler into the veins feeding
the velvet. Force the solution through the veins and out the tips of the
tines. When you have finally flushed the veins you will now see a clear solution
flowing out the tines. After they have been completely flushed - then paint
the velvet with the solution and hang them to dry.

Here's how I do em

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Get em freeze dried.

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