does cape

Submitted by sam wagaman on 08/19/2002. ( )

I have a q? about a set of horns i had got last year. Is it possible to mount a does cape and use the horns ? I;m new to this and just wondering how difficult it would be and do i need to do alot of scalpleing on the top of the heads for the horn placement?

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I sure wouldn't

This response submitted by Superpig on 08/19/2002. ( )

does have different facial features than bucks. Their faces are longer and more narrow. They have long skinny necks, compared to a bucks broad overall appearance. I sure would not put a doe cape on a buck form and pass it on as a buck. It ain't gonna work. Get yourself a nice little buckcape and do it right. Unless you want your mount looking like a doe with antlers stuck on top of her head.

me neither

This response submitted by fb on 08/20/2002. ( )

Although bucks and does are both deer, they are in fact 2 different animals anitomically. Does have long skinny necks and narroow shoulders in addition to their facial features, as explained by Superpig. Think about it, a 3 year old doe has a neck measurement of 15+ inches. Probably around the same as a yearling buck; but you will notice that if you compare the size of these 2 deer, the doe will still look much larger.

2 different animals, look for a good buck cape if you plan to display those antlers properly. Hope this helps!

Boys will be girls and girls.........

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 08/20/2002. ( )

I agree with fb and Superpig but I took in a job last year to switch out a set of antlers on an older mount for a slightly larger set. The guy said the mount was actually a doe that was mounted with antlers. On closer inspection I found that at the bases of the antlers the hair was not right (no sign of wear from rubbing). Other than that it fooled me. The customer said it was a very large doe ,about 175 pounds killed in new York. Here in NC we just don't see a giant like that so I would never consider joining antlers with a doe cape but I have seen it done. -Aaron H.

I didn't know deer have Horns?

This response submitted by Bruce on 09/06/2002. ( )

Cows have horns, deer (male) have antlers.

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