Modge Podge

Submitted by Mari on 08/20/2002. ( )

I'd like to know how to use modge podge on surfaces such as wood or plastic. Do I paste a picture onto it and then seal it w/ modge podge or does the modge podge do all the work itself? Thanks! Mari

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modge podge

This response submitted by Corrinne on 10/07/2002. ( )

Hi there. Just wanted to let you know that me and my friends modge podge all the time. You can modge podge pretty much anything! The best way to do it is to glue or paste down the pictures you are using onto the surface first, this way you can get them in the correct layout and it makes it so much easier as they won't slip around. Then modge podge over everything once you have the whole surface covered.
Hope this answers your question!

do they every deteriorate?

This response submitted by nessa on 10/31/2002. ( )

I want to do a picture of flowers onto a wooden chair. Will that thin of paper, or anything for that matter, ever start to wither, mold or fade?


This response submitted by Mega Modge on 11/10/2002. ( )


I collect the Modges and my fiancee bought me some Modges too.
They are truely Modgetastic and we both love them dearly.
We don't know your Modge Podge malarky, but if you have any furry Modges looking for a home we would share ours with them and they would have little Modge-mates too, so they wouldn't be alone.
It's been really nice chattin' like this but the Modges are calling...
Bye for now

Sometimes there are problems...

This response submitted by Amanda on 11/21/2002. ( )

I have been modge-podging for an extremely long time, and have even sold some of my pieces. There can be problems. I've noticed that sometimes, when using magazine pictures and cutouts, the pictures bubble after being glued down. I nver can figure out why...any suggestions? They would be really appreciated. You can reply at the above email address, and for the subject, put Modge-Podge!

Thank you!

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