Salting rack

Submitted by Greg Reynolds on 08/26/2002. ( )

Has anybody ever used a old screen door for a salting rack? Right now I rub salt all over the cape, lay on a slanted board and then cover with salt. Is covering the cape with salt necessary or can you just rub it in and then set it aside until the next day for resalting? I use 7 cans of salt (the kind at the grocery) for each this too much?
Thanks; Greg

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This response submitted by Dave on 08/27/2002. ( )

Make sure you are using nonidiozed salt. To save money you would be better off going to Southern States and getting a 50 lb bag..Instead of buying the cans...

GO to a feed store ask for mixing salt.

This response submitted by John C on 08/27/2002. ( )

The screen will rust very quickly. Use a plastic mesh or old bread rack.

The yellow pursate of soda in the salt dont hurt anything.

PEG board dude

This response submitted by gotum on 08/27/2002. ( )

use a peg board and the slant style to let the oils run off.

use salt with no iodine the feed mill is where I go.

you want to rub the salt in making sure to get it every where then sprinkle more on to absorb the oils next day scrape off the opld salt with a butter knife or spoon and redo repeat this 3-4 times then your ready . after I wash the hide I dry in out on a concrete slab for storage,unless your needing to stretch it out then just tack it stretched out on the peg board.

This is what works for me

This response submitted by Elmer on 08/27/2002. ( Topstaxidermy )

I take two one X two,s connect at one end with a bolt and butterfly nut making a V. I then put this int the hide (Y incision) coming out the nose with a eye bolt. I lay the hide down and rub the salt in pay particular attention to the eyes ears and any area that might fold. I then hang to let drip. The second day I take down and resalt again pay attention to the Y incision area and eyes lips any area that might fold. I hang again let dry. Take out of the board before it drys rock hard and hang. I use less salt but it does the job. I have not lost a cape in three years. The cape drains it is not laying in its own fluids it drains down to my drip pan drys up fine. I buy 50 or 80 lb bags at the feed store non iodized salt. I use to go through a lot of salt but this technique has decreased it quite a bit. Hope this helps

Old plastic sandbox

This response submitted by Bill M on 08/28/2002. ( )

Make a two by four frame to support an old plastic sandbox. Make the legs long enugh so you don't have to bend. Make the legs different lengths so you have an angle to one corner. Drill a one inch hole in the low corner. Now put a 5 gallon plastic bucket under the hole. Salting ia comfortable and all fluids drain nicely into bucket.

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