antlers in velvet

Submitted by dwl on 08/27/2002. ( )

I have a set of mule deer antlers in the velvet I am preserving. the first day I painted with formaldehyde the second day painted again with formaldehyde, the third day was brushing out noticed a stench smell started feelling antlers feel kind of poofy in some areas. so poke small holes all over in antlers and shot formaldhyde in and got some blood to come out and then I painted antlers again. the reason I didn't inject with formaldhyde at first they felt hard so I just painted them. is there anything else I can do for the antlers? thank you for any input dwl.

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Inject them always.

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You just cant paint it on, they have to dry from the inside out. Just do the best you can now. Soak them in denatured alcohol, you may need 20 gallons to submerge them, do this for two or three days chacking them daily.


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I would spend the few extra bucks and get them freeze dried! That way you don't have to worry about em slipping.
Just my opinion!


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Where can you get antlers freeze dried? I agree that it is the surest way to preserve antlers in velvet. However, I have not seen any ads for this service. Any contacts would be greatly appreciated.

Freeze Drying

This response submitted by Joe on 08/28/2002. ( )

We can freeze dry your rack if needed. We have been doing this since 1969. You can call Kulis Freeze Dry, 440 232 8352 for more info.

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