do i need to tan?

Submitted by sam wagaman on 08/27/2002. ( )

Ok here's another 1 of my many dumb questions. I have a video by Bill attkins on deer mounting and while watching his proceedure he comes to the part of fleshing and dry presurvative then washes it with water,a cap full of lysol, then towel dries, and then goes straight into the mounting process? I have been told that when doing deer headfs you need to also tan the hide so that you dont get shrinkage later. what give's is this right or can you mount with out tanning? i;m new and still confused.

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Forget the LYSOL that video is old.

This response submitted by John C on 08/27/2002. ( )

Video was made when LYSOL contained PHENOL.

In my opinion from what you said something is missing i.e. tanning. Yes you need to tan, yes you need to use a good hide adhesive Epo-Grip 2 part is the best hands down.

Do like I did.......

This response submitted by Tony on 08/27/2002. ( )

Keep reading, the search button is so full of free info! I still go and check it out often! Tony

stand in line lol

This response submitted by jen on 08/28/2002. ( )

yes you got what i got a viedo that didnt say was gonna be about dp ? well i wanted one that showed a tanned skin being mounted but oh well so goes life, but i think being newbie you should tan, have you thought about boo-boos? and rehydrating? dp isnt tanned and you can start the rotting process if not done extreamly carefull with dp
so that might help you ,
good luck

do I need to Tan ?

This response submitted by las on 08/29/2002. ( )

You could get away with tanning creams for deer heads some people shave some don't with the deer heads.The idea of shaving is to get more stretch and make cape lighter[with a deer?]

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