Whitetail Fawn Earliners

Submitted by C. Schad on 08/27/2002. ( 4c-dschad@skyenet.net )

I have a fawn I'm to mount but unsure how I want to do the ears. I haven't been able to find earliners specifically for a fawn? What should I do? Thanks....Chris

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Type in Fawn Earliners

This response submitted by Glen Conley on 08/27/2002. ( )

once you have clicked on the search button on the left hand side of your monitor screen. Options are presented.

WT earliners

This response submitted by Bonnie Z on 08/27/2002. ( )

Brad Bishop makes a fantastic fawn earliner and your in luck he does sell them! e-mail bishops@newnorth.net


This response submitted by Billy on 08/28/2002. ( )

I mounted my first fawn about a month ago. I used the bondo method and felt that it wasn't too difficult. Just make sure you spread it evenly throughout the ear and be possitive the edges have bondo in them. Form them the way you want and let dry.
Good Luck

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