Buckeye or Epo-Grip?

Submitted by Erik Robert on 08/27/2002. ( )

I am ready to order some more waterbased hide adhesive and saw that Epo-Grip has a new waterbase, and it is priced right with Buckeye. I have used Buckeye for sometime as well as Epo-Grip's extensive line of products and both have never failed me. I have reviewed the archives and have found a couple posts on the new Epo-Grip waterbase and all seem favorable but no one has compared it to Buckeye. It appears that it only works on tanned hides which is fine as I don't DP, so that is not an issue. Could someone who has used both please provide me with some sort of a comparison. Thanks in advance

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we all compared it to Buckeye

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 08/27/2002. ( )

We stated that its the best adhesive we have used yet! He is also working out the color base for it now, too. In my opinion, I cannot see why ANY company wouldnt JUMP for the oportunity to handle this new glue. I really like it that much!

Your wrong

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 08/28/2002. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

If you checked the archives as you said you did, on 8/13/02(Epo-Grip did it again) I wrote about it and I did compare it to Buckeye supreme for that's all I used. Read it and it should help answer your many questions.

More on Epo-Grip Waterbase

This response submitted by Steve Steinbring/Epo-Grip on 08/28/2002. ( nsc@netrus.net )


We thank you for your interest in our waterbase product and using Epo-Grip products! I suspect you miss read Frank's posting about the waterbase hide adhesive results. On your next Epo-Grip order with us for products we will include a small 8oz. sample for your evaluation. I am forwarding this week (actually today) a "limited amount" of the complimentary samples to the stocking distributors as "box stuffers" to be included with other purchases from them. So please ask the sales desk while placing an order about the free sample (one per customer). Current waterbase distributors with inventory in stock are TR Supply and WASCO. As always if there are any questions please call me at 800-888-2467.

PS- Please allow a few days for the samples to arrive at the distributors.

No I did not read them incorrectly

This response submitted by Erik Robert @ Work on 08/28/2002. ( )

Frank and Bill thanks for the information, but before you walk me over to the gallows, I was looking for more information than provided in the archives. Something other than its smooth, pink, and smells great. Maybe I should have been more clear that I was looking for performance characteristics. What are the results that you are getting after a couple days, couple weeks? Are you having to pin and card? Drying time? I know that the Epo-Grip line is performance oriented I'm just curious how it compares to the Buckeye in these aspects.

Steve, Thanks for the input and information! I will ask for one of those complimentry samples when I place an order come the end of the week.

One mo thing

This response submitted by cur on 08/28/2002. ( wildart )

The eop-grip should work well on a properly prepared DP hide, there is no reason why it wouldn't. Secondly, BS is an adapted commercial product. Steve is too much gentleman to mention that his paste has been FORMULATED specifically for hide applications. It is superior in my estimation, but I am only one man. Try it yourself, your way, and you be the judge. Many times i have purchased product after recommendation by others only to have it fail miserably at my intended application. The problem was in method of use, and not the product, in most cases, but until I tried it myself, I believed all I had read and heard.

You pretty much answered your own question. Like you, I have never gotten a bad product from Epo-Grip or any that did not far exceed Steve's modest (well, sometimes not-so-modest) claims. I endorse the stuff as I apply it and suggest you spring for some. You won't be dissappointed.


This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 08/28/2002. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

On this product I tested it on two life-size bear. Steve explained to me that you need no pinning. Ok lets see. I used it on the mount knowing that the area that has the most trouble would be the eyes and open mouth areas. I did no pinning at all, shaped the eyes and left it as is to dry.
It will take a minumin of three days for the product to dry or one day over a fan. There was no drumming in any of the areas that would nomally have some if the glue didn't hold. I did not go back and recheck and reposition the skin to make sure that it would dry at those points. It gave me all the wrinkles I put in it, the eyes did
not dry away from the eyes as most of them do if not attended to. It does surpass Buckeye in all aspects, but that's my opinion.
If you have any questions other than this fill free to e-mail me.

DP and the Waterbase

This response submitted by Steve Steinbring on 08/28/2002. ( )

Thanks Cur! However, we continue to work on a 100% reliable solution for DP applications with our waterbase product. The threshold for using DP at this time with our waterbase is quite low "the product craps up" too easily. So we do not recommend DP application use at this time, because there are too many variables. We want to any avoid potential problems ensuring the success of your work. Epo-Grip's Epoxy Hide Adhesive will work with DP giving exceptional results. As soon as the waterbase product is totally DP compatable we will announce it.

I stand corrected

This response submitted by cur on 08/28/2002. ( wildart )

I just got off the phone with Steve regarding the Epo-Grip WB adhesive and it's use with DP hides. There are some semantics at work here and when I stated, "properly prepared DP hides", I didn't mean a hide rubbed with handfuls of compound and slapped on a form. I failed to consider the folks who do just that. The technique that I have employed in the past and called DP for lack of a different term does not employ dusting the hide with the DP product. I have always used a pre-pickle, stop bath and a bath in my own DP concoction and a rinse before mounting. This leaves the skin partially "etched" and at a ph level that would be compatable. I should have said it would in all liklihood work with the method I used rather than to imply that it would work with all DP compounds and applications.......Sorry, it is just that my green hides ain't so green when they go on the form.


This response submitted by Erik Robert on 08/28/2002. ( )


Thanks, that was the type of information I was looking for!

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