Submitted by Duckdog on 08/31/2002. ( )

I just read the post about the bad freezer and it makes a good point. I work for a utility and was a lineman for 20 yrs, so I have seen my share of the results of power outages and spoiled goods. I have seen FULL chest freezers last a good week with no power, as long as you stay out of them and try to resist the temptation to open them every 5 minutes.

Most of you probaby know this, but I'll pass it on for those who don't. Fill up any empty space with jugs of water or even newspaper and it will add significant time to your thaw rate. It will also save you some mula on your light bill too.

My opinion on the cape is... the guy should help him replace his cape. Most of the taxidermists around here would do that. In fact, a few years back one of the gals around here had a fire and she replaced capes until she could not get any more. Some people probably lost out, but she did all she really could.

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